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These Conditions of Carriage apply between Vikingbus A/S (Company Reg. No. 30527887), and any customer ("Customer") that either personally or through an agent, has entered into an agreement with Vikingbus. The agreement covers coach transport, catering or tourist-related services, or a combination thereof ("Events"). The conditions do not apply to contracts for package tours or travel services, see the law on Danish Travel Guarantee Fund, Consolidation Act No. 1192 of 8 December 2009, as amended. For such agreements please refer to Vikingbus A/S - Package Tour Terms and Conditions.


1. Definitions
The "Customer" refers to the physical or legal person, who has entered into the agreement with Vikingbus. The "Passenger" refers to the Customer and all persons in the Customer’s company during the agreed coach transport/event. The "Injured Party" refers to the Passenger and persons who do not participate in the coach transport/Event, but on the basis of mandatory legislation can make claims against Vikingbus.

"Departure Time" and "Departure Place" refers to the time and the place where the coach transport/Event commences according to the agreement in relation to the outward and return journey. "Arrival" means the time when the Passenger arrives at the agreed place of arrival in relation to the outward and return journey. "Sightseeing Tour" refers to coach transport or an Event that has Sightseeing as its main element.


2. Vikingbus' obligations
Vikingbus is responsible for supplying the agreed services to the Customer. Vikingbus is not responsible for its Subcontractor’s services. Vikingbus ensures that the Customer receives a written order confirmation, as well as other important information in relation with the coach transport/Event. Vikingbus will and cannot pick up guides other places than where the group departs and arrives – Unless the Customer books it this way accordingly to the route and payment.


3. Customer and Passenger obligations
The Customer must be 18 years of age in order to enter into a binding contract with Vikingbus.

If the Customer does not cancel the coach transport or Event, and/or if a Passenger is not at the Departure Place at the Departure Time for the outward and return journey, or a Passenger cannot commence and complete the coach transport/Event due to missing travel documents, such as a valid passport, visa and similar, Vikingbus is still entitled to charge the full price for the coach transport/Event.

If the Passenger cannot find the Coach or Limousine booked, it is their own responsibility to call the guard at Vikingbus, so we can help. It is also the Customers responsibility to give this information to the Passenger. If Vikingbus does not receive any call from the Passenger or Customer regarding the above mentioned situation, and also if the Passenger finds another transportation, Vikingbus will charge the full price for the coach transport/Event.

Vikingbus is also entitled to charge the full price for the coach transport/Event in the case of the expulsion of a Passenger, because they behave unruly and/or cause injury to persons or damage items in the coach or damage to the coach. In such cases, Vikingbus can also charge the Customer an amount corresponding to the extent of the damage, but not less than DKK 500 ex. VAT.

The Passenger must comply with all legal provisions and international conventions relating to the transport of dangerous goods/luggage. If dangerous goods/luggage is brought along without making Vikingbus aware of its nature, Vikingbus can unload, render harmless or destroy the goods/luggage without an obligation to compensate for the damage to or loss of the goods/luggage. The same applies if, despite Vikingbus' knowledge of it, the goods/luggage is later found to cause danger to life, the coach or other goods/luggage. The Passenger is also required to hold Vikingbus completely claims-free for damage and loss
related to the Passenger’s goods/luggage.

Smoking in coaches/during the Event is not permitted. Furthermore, pets, including dogs and cats, are only allowed in coaches/during Events by arrangement.

Drivers will not be responsible for checking name or passenger lists due to union issues. If this kind of service is required a transfer guide can be purchased with Vikingbus.


4. Bookings and order confirmation
Bookings can be made electronically or by telephone to Vikingbus up to one hour before departure. Vikingbus confirms bookings received via e-mail to the e-mail address that has been provided. The Customer is required to check that the information is correct on the order confirmation to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

The order confirmation is binding to Vikingbus, as soon Vikingbus has confirmed the order in writing to the Customer.
For airport transfers, the driver keeps them self informed of the scheduled flight arrival. The price includes arrival delays of up to 2 hours if the flight information is available to Vikingbus A/S. The waiting guarantee is only valid for arrivals on a single aircraft. If you require collection with a waiting coach from several aircraft, a standard hourly rate is paid for waiting. The coach arrives at Copenhagen Airport within 30 minutes after the plane has landed. Guests will find their own way to the coach/coaches outside Terminal 3 at the airport, unless otherwise agreed. The same applies for dropping off, which takes place at Terminal 2. The driver does not leave the coach, because the coach must be moved upon request of airport staff.

If the Customer requests a transfer guide, Vikingbus A/S will arrange this service. All guide services will be ordered and settled in accordance with the current conditions on

5. Payment terms and method of payment
The Customer must pay the price for the agreed services at the specified time stated on the order confirmation, unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing by Vikingbus A/S.

Any payment made must quote the booking number as stated on the order confirmation.

Only official payment receipts are valid as proof of payment. Home banking receipts are not accepted as valid proof of payment.

All services related with hiring the coach will have 25% VAT added on the invoice in accordance with Danish VAT rules. For driving abroad, VAT is invoiced according to each country's VAT rules. International customers can apply for a VAT refund in their own country by contacting their own tax authorities. The Customer is required to apply for a VAT refund them self and Vikingbus A/S renounces all responsibility for this.
All foreign corporate customers must pre-pay either by bank transfer or by credit card. Exceptions are subsidiaries of regular Danish business customers and Sightseeing’s foreign agents.

Unless otherwise agreed, all payments must be made within 5 banking days prior to departure of the first ordered tour. All payments must specify the order number or invoice number either by bank transfer or credit card:

Reg. No./Sort Code: 7980
Account No: 00011211488 

The link for payment by credit card can be found on Vikingbus' website
Customers will be credit rated if they wish to receive invoices, but if this is not possible, these customers must pay in accordance with the above conditions.

Vikingbus can also invoice electronically if the above conditions are met.

If the invoice address is not correct before the bus tour/Arrangement and Vikingbus has already made the invoice, and the Customer wishes to change this, Vikingbus will do this for a fee of DKK 175 ex. VAT.

6. Customer's cancellation and change of booking
The Customer can cancel or change their booking with Vikingbus. The Customer has the burden of proving that the cancellation/change has been received by Vikingbus. Costs of, for example, guides, ferry reservations and catering that Vikingbus has incurred its planning, will be charged to the Customer.

A tour guide cannot change a time schedule, extend a tour or book extra coaches. Changes must be agreed between the Customer and Vikingbus.

Changes to the Departure Time are considered in all cases as the Customer's cancellation of all the agreed services and a new order.

Upon cancellation of coaches, for example, in relation to major events (min. DKK 20,000 ex. VAT), bookings in other countries or by subcontractors, the following applies:

• Free cancellation 31 days before the first departure day.
• Cancellation less than 31 days before departure, but more than 15 days before, 10 % of 
  the price will be invoiced.
• Cancellation less than 14 days before departure, but more than 2 days before, 25 % of the 
  price will be invoiced.
• Cancellation less than 2 days and up to the day of departure, 100 % of the price will be 

For all other cancellations of coach services (regardless of value) the following applies.
For a cancellation more than 48 hours before Departure Time, Vikingbus will reimburse any amount paid for the coach transport/Event.

For a cancellation less than 48 hours before Departure Time, Vikingbus is entitled to full payment of the agreed price for the coach transport/Event, as well as an administration fee.
All guide cancellations must be made at least 96 hours before the tour. For late cancellations, the Customer will be invoiced for the full amount of the guide. For all services related to booking, cancellation or pricing information regarding the guide, please refer to the terms and conditions as specified on the Association of Authorized Tourist Guides website

If the Customer wishes to make changes on the day of departure or the day prior, Vikingbus will charge a fee of DKK 250 ex. VAT per change. If the Customer makes several changes at once this will only release one fee.

Whole or partly unused parts of the agreed services will not be refunded.

7. Vikingbus' changes or cancellations
Vikingbus reserves the right without notice to increase the confirmed order price for services already agreed upon, as a result of changes in transport costs, taxes, duties, fees or exchange rates. Vikingbus also reserves the right to cancel or change the agreed coach transport/Event, including a change to the agreed Departure Times.
The Customer will be informed as soon as possible of any changes and cancellations that Vikingbus assess as being significant. At the same time the Customer will be informed of their rights and to whom and within what period the Customer must complain.

For significant changes or cancellations that are no fault of the Customer, the Customer can terminate the agreement with Vikingbus and recover all amounts paid in accordance with the order confirmation, or participate in another coach transport/another Event of their choice, if Vikingbus can offer this without suffering disproportionate costs or losses.


8. Shortcomings
Where the Passenger notices a shortcoming with the coach tour or Event, the Passenger should complain to Vikingbus' local representative or Vikingbus as soon as possible after noticing the problem, so that the problem can be addressed/resolved by Vikingbus within a reasonable time and without insignificant inconvenience to the Passenger.

Should the passenger refrains from complaining during the coach tour/Event, even if this is possible, and thereby not allowing Vikingbus the opportunity to rectify/remedy the problem, a subsequent complaint will be rejected.

9. Liability for shortcomings, changes and cancellations
It is the Customer's responsibility to thoroughly read and check the offer and the order to ensure that the information contained therein is consistent with the agreement, including prices, addresses, dates and times.

If the Passenger is a consumer, and the Passenger suffers losses due to Vikingbus not being able to meet the agreed terms due to shortcomings, changes made or as a result of cancellation, the Passenger can make a claim for compensation for their loss in accordance with Danish compensation law.

In all other cases, Vikingbus is not liable in respect of shortcomings, changes or cancellations, even if the shortcoming, change or cancellation may be significant for the Passenger.
Vikingbus' liability in all cases is limited to the Passenger’s documented direct losses. Consequential damages and economic loss, operating loss, loss of time, loss of profit or other indirect losses will not be compensated.

For damage and/or loss as a result of shortcomings, changes or cancellations due to a lack of attendance for the coach tour/Event or force majeure like situations, such as strikes, wind and weather conditions, natural disasters, war, war-like situations, riots, civil commotion, terrorism or similar serious disturbances of the peace or caused by an unauthorized third party or external circumstances which Vikingbus, or someone who Vikingbus is responsible for, could not have foreseen when entering into the agreement or could not have avoided or made good, Vikingbus is free of responsibility in all cases.

10. Liability for death, personal injury and property damage, and delays
For deaths, personal injuries and property damage relating to events that are regulated by mandatory legislation for the benefit of the Passenger/the Injured Party, Vikingbus is liable in accordance with the mandatory legislation.

In addition to the aforementioned cases, Vikingbus carries no responsibility for deaths, personal injury or property damage, including damage to and loss of the Passenger’s belongings and luggage. Vikingbus therefore recommends that the Passenger takes out appropriate contents and travel insurance.

Vikingbus is not responsible for any loss due to delays.


For deaths, personal injuries and property damage that are directly or indirectly related to force majeure like situations, such as strikes, wind and weather conditions, natural disasters, war, war-like situations, riots, civil commotion, terrorism or similar serious disturbances of the peace or caused by an unauthorized third party or external circumstances which Vikingbus, or someone who Vikingbus is responsible for, could not have foreseen when entering into the agreement or could not have avoided or made good, Vikingbus is free of responsibility in all cases.


Vikingbus' liability is limited to the Injured Party’s documented direct losses in all cases. Consequential damages and economic loss, operating loss, loss of time, loss of profit or other indirect losses will not be compensated.

11. Complaints
If the Passenger is a consumer, the Passenger must notify Vikingbus or their local representative of the damage/loss as soon as possible after the Passenger notices the damage/loss. Within 14 days at the latest after the last completed tour. Otherwise the Passenger loses the right to claim for the damage/loss.
In all other cases, the Passenger must make a claim against Vikingbus or their local representative immediately the damage/loss is noticed. Otherwise the Passenger loses the right to claim for the damage/loss.

12. Personal Information
Upon entering into an agreement with Vikingbus, the Customer agrees that Vikingbus can collect and save the Customer’s information. The aim is proper handling of customer orders with the objective of providing the best possible service, both before and during the booked coach transport/Event. The information will also be used for administration and coordination in the event of an accident. The information may also be used to inform the Customer about insurance terms and payment services, and travel-related deals.


13. Limitation
If the Passenger is a consumer, all claims against Vikingbus become obsolete arising out of or related to coach tours/Events, subject to these conditions, in accordance with the then-current Limitation Act.

In all other cases, lawsuits against Vikingbus arising out of or related to coach tours/Events subject to these conditions must be brought within one year from the Arrival Date or from when according to the agreement the Arrival Date should have been, otherwise all claims against Vikingbus are lost.


14. Venue and applicable law
Vikingbus operates according to Danish law, which is further affected by current EU law. Factors concerning driving and rest periods are highly regulated, so that the planning of tours is very important. Parameters, such as distance and exact tour duration, are important information when planning tours. Valid driving and rest time regulations can in no way be waived.


If the Passenger is a consumer, disputes between Vikingbus and the Passenger about the agreed services, can be brought by the Passenger before the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority at Carl Jacobsen Vej 35, DK-2500 Valby. See for
more information.

In all other cases, any dispute arising out of or related to these Conditions of Carriage and which cannot be solved amicably, are to be decided by the courts in Denmark.

All disputes shall be settled according to Danish law.

Errors and omissions excepted. 

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